After creating the logo and visual identity for Oasis, we used a combined strategy of revitalizing owned media (website, social media), writing inbound copy for the newsletter, and creating intelligent printed ad campaigns to bring this business from the red to the black in just three months.
The owner of this small business wanted to launch her brand with strong imagery in a minimalist context. We built a custom website from scratch with input from her graphic designer, and added a flexible admin page so that she could take online orders and reservations, schedule events, and update or customize her site at any time.
Author Diane Schoemperlen required a website that reflected both her writing and her collage work. We created a custom template which we applied to a WordPress install so she could perform her own site updates.
A University professor asked us to come up with a WordPress site that would link blog posts to points on a map. She had a beautiful logo designed by Everlovin' Press which complimented the look and feel of the project. A dynamic homepage allows this site to appear fresh and relevant.